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Are you looking for an introduction to the world of tennis? Or maybe you want to work on your skills? Got some free time and looking for a fun new hobby? It doesn’t matter why you want to improve your tennis skills, AS PERFORMANCE TENNIS School in Marbella is the place to do it!

Tennis, a Sport for all Levels

Part of the beauty of tennis is its complexity – all the tactics, technique, fitness and psychology that it involves – but once you understand it, it’s a very satisfying and rewarding sport. For this reason, although some might think otherwise, tennis is a sport that requires a great deal of both physical and mental training.

At AS PERFORMANCE Tennis School in Marbella, our coaches use a methodology that can be applied from the very first training sessions at the pre-school stage. We focus on our students’ progress from an early age, prioritising connection and fun in Baby Tennis (3-4 years), introducing more motor skills and hitting tasks for our Little Warriors (5-8 years), before perfecting and polishing skills, tactics and more complex techniques leading up to the first competition phase in Young Beasts (8-10 years).

In our U-12 programme, we aim to to help our students master rallies and spin, gaining total control of their movements on court and perfecting their technique at higher speeds.

In the U-14 programme, we foster our a healthy attitude to competition, to help each student to internalise their own essence as a player. We give them all the necessary tactical and mental tools at the same time as polishing their technique, so that they continue to progress rapidly and are eventually able to be more autonomous on court

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    At the ITF/ATP/WTA stage, we use competition as a way of continuously examining and evaluating of our players. In the matches, we can analyse what corrections and tips are needed and plan the training sessions accordingly. In this way, our players are able to progress constantly.

    At AS PERFORMANCE Tennis in Marbella, our school’s teachers and coaching staff are there to help you and make sure you are progressing and perfecting your strokes and movements. Have fun mastering every aspect of tennis!

    What do we offer at Our Tennis School in Marbella?

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    Perfecting and Mastering Techniques

    By setting short and long term goals with our coaches and players, we ensure that they are able to improve their movements and master and control both stroke and technique, training by training and match by match. Tennis is one of the hardest sports in the world, and requires a high level of fitness. If players aren’t using 100% of their potential, they will find it very difficult to win a tennis match. Therefore, it’s also very important to train properly in order to prevent injuries that may lead to problems in the future, while at the same time improving your fitness level.

    Best Tennis School Marbella

    Our expert team will help you reach the level you’ve always dreamed of and train at a pace that suits you. Whether you’re looking for beginner level lessons or you’d like to perfect your technique, our coaches will develop a personalised plan to help you improve your racquet skills and become a tennis expert.

    tennis school in Marbella

    Professional programs.


    After carrying out an in-depth analysis of each player, we create a structured technical, tactical, mental and physical plan that is implemented and executed through our coaching methodology. As the player develops, we re-evaluate and continue to build blocks of areas to work on, ensuring our players improve month by month. Want to be the best? Let’s start step by step to reach the top. Located on the Costa del Sol, we enjoy sunny weather all year round: the perfect conditions for playing tennis. What’s more, we offer 6 clay courts, a gym, 300 metres of private beach, a bar/restaurant, and partnerships and agreements with other clubs.

    Tennis offers many benefits for our mental and physical health, which is why at AS PERFORMANCE Tennis School in Marbella, we offer comprehensive preparation and training. If you want to immerse yourself in the sport and enjoy it to the fullest, sign up for our tennis programmes and reap the benefits of training like a professional. We’d be delighted to have you at our school: perfecting your strokes and movements, mastering the techniques and psychology, and enjoying the beauty of this great sport.

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