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AS Performance Tennis Academy, Spain – where excellence is crafted with every racquet swing. Our students not only benefit from the expertise and skills of our exclusive coaching staff but also from the inspiring and competitive atmosphere that our institution boasts. Here, every racquet swing, every match, and every training session are steps on your journey to the pinnacle of tennis.


At AS Performance, we recognise that every individual is unique. With this belief, we offer fully tailored programmes, adapting to your skill level, age, and most importantly, your personal goals. Whether you’re a young aspiring professional or an enthusiastic adult looking to elevate your game on the tennis court, we have a meticulously crafted programme for you.

Located in southern Spain, our tennis academy boasts a team of elite coaches and highly trained technical professionals. Our aim is to guide you in mastering advanced techniques or refining your skills, through various programmes tailored to your needs.

Before diving into the programme, you’ll undergo a comprehensive assessment, allowing us to better understand your strengths and weaknesses. Post-assessment, we design training that specifically caters to your needs, ensuring every minute on the court is productive.

We continuously monitor the performance of each student, making relevant modifications to their training plans. This rigorous oversight ensures each player stays on track towards achieving their personal objectives in the sport. It’s a holistic approach that guarantees optimal results for those seeking to excel in tennis.

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    In essence, we’ll continually work on improving your footwork, allowing you to gain agility on the court, master the serve, and control the drive. We’ll guide you through every drill and show you practical examples that will help you reach your goals.

    Master the game of tennis in all its facets!

    The Tennis Academy of Southern Spain

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    Holistic Training Beyond the Tennis Court

    One of the standout features of our Tennis Academy in Spain is our emphasis on holistic training of our students. We understand that tennis is more than just technical skills and game strategies; it’s also a conduit for personal and professional growth.

    For this reason, at AS Performance, we go beyond mere sports training. We endeavour to offer a comprehensive educational experience that prepares our students for success in all walks of life.

    Far More Than Just a Tennis Academy

    At our tennis academy in Spain, we foster sporting excellence and the growth of each student. We believe in the power of sport for personal and professional development. Here, each player receives personalised attention to constantly improve their technique, physical condition, and game tactics. We focus not only on the physical aspect of tennis; we also promote the development of mental and emotional skills, essential for overcoming challenges both on and off the court.

    We have expert coaches who teach the most advanced tennis techniques and strategies. In addition, we instil values such as resilience, discipline, and teamwork, essential for success in all walks of life. Our students are prepared to compete at the highest level and to achieve their personal and sporting goals.

    One of the Premier Tennis Academies in Spain

    We have six clay courts for authentic and challenging gameplay, and through collaborations with other clubs, we have access to hard courts. But the AS Performance Tennis Academy Spain experience doesn’t stop at the court. Post-match, you can enjoy a meal or a refreshing drink in our bar/restaurant, or continue your workouts in our gym.

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    Various Programmes

    Why choose our Tennis Academy in Spain?

    Choosing AS Performance is more than just picking a tennis academy in Spain. In doing so, you’re committing to a promising future in tennis, supported by a unique methodology that merges high performance with individualised attention. This novel blend ensures unparalleled results, mirroring the passion and prowess we bring to our work.

    Our coaches and technical team, with their robust experience and exemplary training, ensure you receive top-tier tennis lessons. Moreover, with our extensive network in the tennis industry, we offer our students unmatched opportunities to participate in tournaments and secure scholarships.

    All of this forms part of a comprehensive strategy that has yielded remarkable successes for our students. Our approach has enabled some of our players to rank within the ATP and WTA standings.

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