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High-Performance Tennis Academy in Malaga

Our tennis academy in Malaga provides classes for various ages, from Baby Tennis, aimed at little ones over 4 years old, to training for ITF/ATP/WTA preparation, meaning tailored programmes for those in professional tennis. Throughout the year, our academy offers a range of activities and programmes.


Tennis is a sport demanding meticulous and continuous training, encompassing physical, technical, tactical, and psychological facets. At our tennis academy in Malaga, we understand this complexity and are committed to providing comprehensive training.

Our training programmes are designed to meet the needs of all players, regardless of their age or level. From a young age, we prioritise connection and fun in ‘Baby Tennis’, and motor skill teaching in ‘Little Warriors’, striving to introduce youngsters to tennis in an enjoyable and stimulating way. As players mature, we refine their skills and techniques, preparing them for competitive match-ups.

Within our training programmes for U-12 and U-14, we work to assist our tennis players in maximising their technical skill, mastering effects, and fine-tuning their court movements. We aim for them to understand their own player identity and provide the necessary tactical and mental tools to shape their path to a successful future in the sport.

We understand that every player is unique and requires a bespoke approach. Hence, after an initial evaluation, we design a tailor-made programme that meets each one’s specific goals and needs. This methodology ensures productive court time and consistent progress.

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    We have a team of high-performance trainers and technical professionals who are dedicated to ensuring each player can hone every stroke and movement, maintaining continuous monitoring to ensure each stays on the right path to achieve their tennis goals.

    Master tennis by dominating every move!

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    Enhance your game at our tennis academy

    Valuing tennis beyond just a sport is fundamental at our AS PERFORMANCE Tennis Academy. We recognise and amplify the numerous benefits this sport offers for mental and physical health, which is why we strive to provide complete training and preparation.

    By choosing AS Performance, you’re choosing a path to a promising tennis future, supported by a unique and personalised methodology with exceptional outcomes.

    Bespoke Tennis Classes at our Tennis Academy Malaga

    Our academy is dedicated to awakening and nurturing a passion for tennis in every player. We start with the basics, tailoring our approach to meet the needs of each student. We offer everything from basic training to preparation for high-performance competitions. Our programmes are designed for various levels, employing a progressive method that makes learning and improving both enjoyable and effective, while always respecting the individual abilities of our students.

    We believe that sport is a fundamental pillar in people’s lives. Therefore, we promote values such as fair play, respect, discipline, and camaraderie. We value effort and sacrifice, and work tirelessly to impart these principles to our students. Our commitment is to develop not only outstanding athletes, but also respectful individuals, capable of taking these values beyond our tennis courts.

    One of the Best Tennis Academies in Malaga

    In our academy, we boast a team of coaches and technicians with solid training and experience. Every student benefits not only from our expert training but also from the immense opportunities we offer due to our tennis world contacts, including the chance to participate in prestigious tournaments. As a result, some of our players have ranked in ATP and WTA standings.

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    What makes us different as a tennis academy in Malaga?

    We stand out for the meticulous attention we give to each of our players at our prestigious tennis academy near Malaga city. After a thorough skills and potential assessment, we develop a structured work plan in technical, tactical, mental, and physical areas.

    This plan is implemented through detailed and methodical training. As the player evolves, we reassess and expand these training modules, guaranteeing their continuous improvement.

    Our commitment is to help you be the best, focusing on progressive growth. Moreover, our top-notch facilities, strategically located with sunny weather all year round, provide the perfect environment for tennis practice.

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