Tennis Academy Marbella

Professional and personalized
program to each and all of our students

AS Performance Tennis

Rigorous methodical planning high intensity training and
skillful passionate coaching

Our Programs

Our Tennis Academy Marbella is located in the south of Spain, in the famous Costa del Sol, we offer a professional and personalized program.

We work with a max of 20 players in our reduced group academy, making sure that we can give the best detailed attention to all the students in our team.

Why choose AS Performance Tennis?







Located in the Costal del Sol, we have all year round sunny weather conditions, ideal to practice our sport. In addition, in our Tennis Academy Marbella we have: 

6 clay courts

1 hard courts

Partnership with other clubs for hard courts.



300 meters from beach

Apartment complex for players and coaches

Be part of our academy!

Professional and personalized
program to each and all of our students.

Tennis Academy in Marbella

Our passion combined with our skillful methodology has placed all of our students within the ATP and WTA rankings, or the least, placed them in the USA in a NCAA university with a tennis scholarship. 

Our Philosophy

In the Tennis Academy AS Performance our philosophy and methodology aims to take our players to their highest threshold on a daily basis.
After analyzing carefully our players, we create a structured technical, tactical, mental and physical plan that is implemented and executed with our methodical training. As the player develops, we re-evaluate and we keep building blocks of work, assuring our players improve on a monthly basis.

What People Say

Opinion as performance tennis
Marius Juul Møller

The coaches have an amazing passion and skill set for teaching tennis. My two girls spent two weeks here, and they both made more progress than what they have done in months home.

testimonio as performance tennis
Bengt Olsen

My three boys attended tennis groups for two weeks and had really good progress and developed a lot. Both the sessions and not at least working with the different coaches.

as performance tennis opinion y testimonio
Max Benaim

World class coaches with a lot of experience. Great environment to be in especially if you’re passionate about tennis and really want to improve. 

as performance tennis opinion
Marnie Codrey

We spent two weeks in Spain and my daughter practiced with him daily. Amarit is passionate about teaching tennis and he truly cares about his students. 

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    YOUNG BEASTS 8-10 yrs old

    Foundation is key to make sure you can develop your game without any barriers in the long term. Our goal is to build strong biomechanics and fundamentals at an early stage to be able to grow without any technical and biomechanics barriers in the future. We seek optimal motor coordination, which allows the student to change directions at higher speeds, still being able to maintain control of their body, their shots and in a rally. More complex direction / effect combinations are introduced. Gradually correct the grips, especially on the forehand, serve and volley as they tend to get dirty at these ages. Point out that at these ages it is important and beneficial that children also play other sports to improve their motor skills and biomechanics of body movements.

    SUB-12 / SUB-14

    From this stage and on, it is very important to give importance to a healthy growth at a technical, tactical and mental level. Helping the students to learn more about themselves, to solve problems by themselves, to accept uncomfortable situations and to embrace a higher level of suffering capacity.

    At this stage the players will already be competing. We focus and prioritize control, patterns of play and directions over everything else, understanding tennis, understanding their personal game, enjoying the competition and learning to accept failure.

    We offer the posibilty of online studies at Laurel Springs or presencial studies at American College in Spain.


    If you are thinking of competing at a collegiate level in the USA. Not only we can prepare you to train and reach your highest level when you departure to USA, but we can also help you with the process of finding a university and obtaining the best scholarship. All of our students have competed professionally or/and have been placed in the USA with a tennis scholarship. Our rate of scholarship goes from 80% to 100% scholarships!


    Training is very much based on the results of the competition at this point.

    The matches results serve as a measure to be able to continuously set technical, tactical and mental objectives, and in parallel, ranking and tournament objectives.

    We offer travel coach companion, personalized programs and preparatory intense weeks prior to tournament travel.